On September 8th, 2003, we lost a dear friend, sister, and collaborator. Joanne Powell passed away after a brief battle with breast cancer. She was 34.

A brilliant illustrator, graphic designer, and fine artist, Joanne had a perspective on the world and a sense of humour unlike anyone else - to say she was unique would be an understatement. She excelled in everything she did and always poured her soul and passion into each and every one of her endeavours.

When Powell Factory Films came to life in 2001, Joanne was unsure what her role in the company would be.


Of course, storyboarding and design were an obvious choice, but she wanted to be more involved than that. It wasn't long before she had tackled a role in "Wednesday Night", done foley, set dressing, continuity, and finally script supervision on "Quitters". She was also slated to design and animate the cartoons in the film and was developing an idea for an animated series, "Harry Knuckles" with her brother, Andrew.


Although her life was cut tragically short, she had a huge impact on those who knew her and a huge impact on the spirit of Powell Factory Films. She was never concerned with her own success. In fact, she was always far more concerned with the success and well-being of those around her... sometimes to her detriment. Nevertheless, she painted for the love of it and illustrated for the love of it. Her passion for the arts and creativity will always be an inspiration to us all.

Powell Factory Films strives to live up to Joanne's high standards and her passionate dedication to all things creative. Always missed but never forgotten, we at Powell Factory Films will always consider her a part of the "team".

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