TV Series:
  "Due North"
This half hour sit-com follows a Hollywood director (and big shot in his own mind) as he gets shafted by his production company and sent up north to make a documentary in the small town of Alberta Beach, assisted only by a pair of typical Canadian hosers.
No shoot date has been set.


Web Series:
  "Postcards from Alberta Beach"
Vignettes centred around Canadian hosers Cam and Dale from "Due North" who live in the small, northern Canadian prairie town of Alberta Beach. To be made available as a free download.
Shooting: 2008


Short Films:
  "Drinks with Rockwell"
When two Americans, a drifter and a millionaire, meet in a bar in Mexico, it quickly becomes unclear who the con-man really is.
    The script is based on a short story.
No shoot date has been set.
Feature Films:
  "Sixty-three Sixty"
Two friends decide to rob a movie theatre to finance their independent film. Based on the novel of the same name by Andrew R. Powell.
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