Formed in 2001 by brothers Andrew R. Powell and Chris Powell, the goal of Powell Factory Films has always been to combine talented people and emerging technologies to produce outstanding shows and films from modest budgets. As a writer, director, editor, and 20 year composing veteran who has been at the forefront of media technology since the mid 80's, Andrew felt the time was right to go independent.
"The technology these days is remarkable, but it's still all about storytelling. If you develop your script to the fullest extent before a single frame of film is shot, when you get to post, you've got something great to work with rather than a slew of problems to fix."
Powell Factory Films was founded by a third Powell, Joanne, who sadly was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2003 and died just three weeks later at the age of 34. Principal photography had just been wrapped on "Quitters", but her death put Powell Factory Films on hiatus for a year until the award-winning short was finally completed.
Joanne's death was a huge blow and in fact, Chris opted to take a backseat in the company sticking strictly to his first love, post sound engineering. Without a partner, Andrew returned to scoring work.
Early in 2005, however, Andrew was approached by director Kurt Voss to co-proudce, edit, and score a feature-length documentary about controversial punk musician Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his band The Gun Club. Eager to get "The Factory" rolling again, Andrew jumped in and didn't emerge until "Ghost on the Highway" was finished six months later in July of 2006.  
Now based in Canada, Andrew R. Powell and Powell Factory Films have begun teaming up with local talent to develop "Alberta Beach" for television and "Postcards from Alberta Beach" for the internet.  
"I think I'm more excited about 'Alberta Beach' than anything I've done before. Anyone who's spent some time in the Canadian prairies knows how weird and whacky it can be up here... and anyone who hasn't? Well, they're in for a real treat."
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